Page:Gumtree/ebay for TUoS Students: Virtual pin board

Gumtree/ebay for TUoS Students: Virtual pin board

by Kirsten Maria Florentine Weber 28 April 2020, 09:27

Category: Welfare

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Some students have left their houses already due to the special situation. Others will leave their homes at the end of the term - just as every year. Then the landlords set up containers and the houses' all inner life, the furniture, kitchenware, unopened shampoo bottles, etc. are being wasted. Students who move in autumn to begin their studies must go to buy themselves a new household.

We have to do something to work against this throwaway society! 

How about setting up a (at the moment virtual) pinboard that works like gumtree or ebay: Anyone who has something to give away, wants to sell something or needs anything can add their ad. We could send an e-mail around calling students to add items and to distribute the link to the pinboard or to put all ads into one e-mail sending it around to everybody. Of course, it would be nice to have some board or newspaper like that at the university level.