Page:App of platform to find people who to have lunch with

App of platform to find people who to have lunch with

by Kirsten Maria Florentine Weber 28 February 2020, 13:00

Category: Welfare

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(1) Many students have their lunch being on their own but they would like to have some company actually. I am suggesting an application or an online platform/forum where you can easily match up with someone from the university to have lunch together. You could search for specific criteria, e.g. age, gender, duration of lunch, or you just get randomly matched to someone who is available at the time you'd like to have lunch or you get connected to the platform. An existing example is the app "Couchsurfing - Hangouts".

(2) If not a virtual platform, please create a 'meeting point' where 'lonely' people can go and meet other students who would like to have lunch with someone.

(3) Another alternative could be to signs you can put on your table to signalize "Feel free to sit down here as well. I do not mind having a chat."