Page:Accepting Deliveries at the Ridge/Edge

Accepting Deliveries at the Ridge/Edge

by Molly Beever 25 February 2019, 12:42

Category: Accommodation

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Multiple times I have had items delivered to my apartment only for it to be either cancelled or moved on thanks to either delivery individuals unable to find the apartment or the item being too large to leave in the letterbox.

If the Ridge/Edge could accept packages this would make it much easier on delivery companies (only one place to deliver to) and students alike, as we wouldn't have to worry about staying in for a delivery instead of going out to collect it the day after from the post office. This is especially an issue if the items delivered are needed urgently!

E.g. My DSA equipment was delayed due to the delivery driver unable to find the apartment. It took an extra two days to receive!

One idea could be sending a request (via a form or email) to the Ridge/Edge to hold a parcel, and requiring a U-Card to retrieve it. Obviously some sort of timeframe before the parcel is discarded would also have to be in place but I'm sure this would not be hard to do.