Page:Examination problems and anxiety

Examination problems and anxiety

It's natural to feel nervous when you are revising and taking exams. There is a lot you can do to cope, but it is important to recognise if anxiety is preventing you from studying or if it is affecting your health.

Help yourself

  • Think positive! You've gotten this far - why should you fail now?
  • If there are any personal problems contributing to your anxiety about the exams, let your department know and submit a special circumstances form.
  • Keep it in perspective - there is life beyond revision and exams.
  • Learn how to relax - this is an essential life skill, not just for the exam period.

Where to get more help

  • Student Advice Centre - our advisers can discuss your concerns with you, explore your options and suggest where to get appropriate support
  • Counselling Service - for information and advice about exam anxiety and coping with stress.
  • University Health Service - speak to your GP if you are worried that exam anxiety is affecting your health.
  • Your department - ask your tutors for help if you are struggling with any difficult revision topics or worried about exam technique.