Page:Disciplinary issues in University accommodation

Disciplinary issues in University accommodation

Disciplinary powers of the Head of ACS

If you are referred to the Head of Accommodation and Commercial Services (ACS) because of an alleged offence involving premises owned or managed by the University, you will be required to attend a meeting with an appropriate member of  ACS staff. The purpose of the meeting is to explain the allegation to you, provide you with supporting written evidence (eg. incident reports) and hear your explanation. ACS will then decide what action, if any is appropriate.

You have the right to be represented at this meeting, or to take someone along for support.

If the case is found to be proven, one or more of the following penalties may be imposed:

  • An undertaking as to future conduct
  • A fine up to £200 each
  • The payment of compensation for loss or damage to property of any other person in a sum not to exceed £500
  • Exclusion from any part of the residences or from specific activities taking place there for a set period
  • In accordance with relevant legislation and the residence contract, exclusion from living in University owned or managed residences.