If you are having personal problems, you may talk to your friends or your family. Sometimes, you may find it helpful to talk to somebody else who isn’t involved in your day to day life. Below are a set of services available for help and support.

University Counselling Service

The counselling service has drop-in sessions and appointments with a team of trained counsellors. The service also offers workshops and group sessions. You can use the counselling service if you are a registered student at the university or if you are a member of staff.


You can also receive support from the chaplaincy service. This is available to everyone within the university, whatever your faith or if you have none.

University Health Service

If you have having problems then your doctor may also be a good source of help and support. They can refer you to other people that can help you, e.g. counsellors.

Other services

There are many other local and national services that may be able to help you with specific issues.