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Trusts and charities

Last updated Jan 2018

Trusts and charities receive a very high volume of applications and the funds they have available to help students are often extremely limited. Even students with very strong and deserving cases may receive little or no help so you should not rely exclusively on trusts and charities as a way of funding your studies.


Turn2us has a large database of trusts and charities.  The site has an easy and accessible search facility which you can use to identify appropriate trusts and charities to which you can apply.  The initial search in based on postcode, gender and age but you can then filter the results (for example, by family situation and nationality) to come up with a list which is more appropriate to your circumstances.

University of Sheffield website

There are lots of useful links to trusts and charities on the University website.  The information is categorised by student type.

Undergraduate students

Postgraduate students

International students

Professional bodies

Some professional bodies offer grants to students who are studying for qualifications in related subject areas.  Examples include:

Architecture - The Royal Institute of British Architects 

Sciences - The Royal Society

Medicine - The British Medical Association 

It is important to note that students normally have to demonstrate financial hardship and/or academic excellence and that help cannot be guaranteed.

Are you eligible?

Trusts and charities are often set up to help specific groups (for example, people who were born in a particular city or who are members of a particular faith group).  Use Turn2us to draw up a short list so you don’t waste time applying to trusts and charities which cannot help you.

Is there a deadline?

Many trusts and charities have strict deadlines and will not consider late applications, however deserving the case.  Some will also only accept applications from students at certain times in their studies (for example, final year students).

How do you apply?

You will probably need to request or download an application form and will normally be required to provide supporting evidence and references.  Some trusts and charities will only accept applications which are submitted via a third party such as an advice centre.  A money adviser at the Student Advice Centre may be to assist you with this.

Do you need help urgently?

Trusts and charities normally cannot assist when someone needs help urgently.  If you find yourself in this situation, you may be able to get help more quickly from the University Financial Support scheme.