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Funding for International students

There is limited funding available to international students. Full details can be found on the university's international student funding page.

There some scholarships available to international students from the university and independent charities, which include merit based, course specific, and nationality specific scholarships. The scholarship may cover full or partial fee and maintenance provision, maintenance or fees only or reduction in tuition fees.  Full details on what is available can be found on the university’s international student’s scholarships page.

The University’s Financial Support Scheme is a non-repayable hardship scheme run by the university for students facing unexpected costs and as a result become in financial hardship. International students can apply for financial support. It  can usually only be given once in an academic year, and is given based on need.

 You can apply for financial support for living costs, essential travel costs and childcare costs (including subsidised nursery fees for the University nursery. However the need must have arisen due to unforeseen circumstances, causing financial hardship. Financial support cannot be used for tuition fees.

For further information and how to apply please click here.

The University of Sheffield participates in the Federal Loan programme for US and Canadian Citizens. Further information can be found from the university webpage here.


Last Updated: January 2018