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Financial help from the University

For a full overview on help available for funding your study, including help from the university, please click here .

To calculate what funding or help you may be entitled to from the university you can use the university's online funding calculator.

There are a range of financial help options available from the university, which vary according to your mode of study and student type. Further details of the help available is given below:

University bursary (undergraduate)

University bursaries are grants paid to home students on full time undergraduate courses. You do not need to apply for them – you will be automatically assessed for a bursary by the University when you register. The University will write to you within 4 weeks of the start of the academic year to let you know how much bursary you will get.

What bursaries are available?

The University offers its bursary under ‘The Sheffield bursary scheme’. The Sheffield bursary is split into 5 different award areas, and you would be eligible if you met the criteria for one or more of these. They are:

  1. Household income
  2. Where you live (home)
  3. A-Level Grades
  4. Care Leavers
  5. Student Carers

For more information on the Sheffield Bursary and  its categories, please click here.

To find out whether you would qualify for the Sheffield bursary and how much for, use the Sheffield online student funding calculator here

If you started your course on or  before September 2014, the bursary scheme may vary. Please click here for further details.

Other important information about bursaries:

  • You need to have been assessed as eligible for student support by Student Finance England in order for the university to consider your eligibility for a bursary. This means that you need to ensure you have provided your household income details to Student Finance England (using form PFF2). 
  • Students who are doing a second undergraduate degree only eligible to be assessed for the bursary based on household income.
  • You are eligible for a bursary for every year of your course, except for repeat years, years abroad or years in industry.
  • If your household income changes, your bursary entitlement may also change.
  • Bursaries are usually paid in 2 instalments. The first instalment should be within 8 weeks of the start of the academic year and the second instalment by the end of February.
  • If you take a leave of absence from your course, you may be asked to repay some of your University bursary.


Hardship funds (all students)

The university runs two financial schemes for students faced with unexpected financial hardship:

  1. Financial Support Scheme (one off lump sum payment that does not need to be paid back
  2. Short term loan-small cash advance loan which must be paid back

These schemes are open to all University of Sheffield Students.

Financial Support Scheme

If you are faced with exceptional financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances, the university has hardship funds administered under the financial support scheme to assist you during periods of unexpected financial hardship.

This is a one of payment to help you through the difficult period and does not have to be paid back. It can usually only be applied for once in an academic year unless there are exceptional circumstances.

For further information and to apply please click here

Please note financial support cannot be used for tuition fees.

Short Term Loans

If you have an unforeseen financial emergency or your funding is delayed, you may be eligible for a short term loan of up to £250 which must be paid back. For further information and to find out where you can apply click here. 


Scholarships (undergraduate)

A number of scholarships are offered by the university (and partners) for undergraduate students on the basis of personal circumstances, academic area, achievement and further study. For further information and eligibility criteria, please click here.

The university also runs the Sheffield Alumni Schoalrship, to assist students across faculties meet extra costs of Studying. Once you have applied to and been assessed by Student Finance England for your student funding, you will be automatically contacted by the university to apply if you are eligible for this scholarship.

International students

There is very limited funding available to international students. Aside from the hardship funds mentioned above, there are a small number of scholarships and charitable trusts which are open to international students. For further information about these and international student funding , please click here.

For scholarships the university usually contacts all eligible student before the start of their course with information and how to apply.

Please also look under the postgraduate and research section if applicable.


Postgraduate Students

Full details on financial help for postgraduate students including university scholarships can be found here

Please note: funding usually has to be applied for well in advance of your course starting.


Part-time Students

If you are studying on a part-time course at the Department for Lifelong Learning, you may be eligible for a bursary from the university. For more information and to find out whether you qualify please click here.


Postgraduate Research Students

Please note for Phd funding usually has to be applied for well in advance of your course starting. Funding can be available through university scholarships or research fellowships. Further information on scholarships available can be found here. For general information on financing postgraduate research studies please click here.