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School admissions

If you are new to Sheffield and you have a school-age child (5 – 16 years old in the UK), you need to contact the Education Department at Sheffield City Council to have your child enrolled.  If you recently moved to Sheffield it can be difficult to find a school near to your home as the allocations are made to permanent residents of Sheffield up to 12 months in advance. 

Catchment areas

Every community school in Sheffield has a catchment area; this is the local area around the school. There is a higher chance of your child being given a place at a school if you are living within the catchment area. You can find out what your local catchment school is here.


Your child may not be offered a place at the school of your choice. This would usually be because they are full and have no places left. You may be offered a place at a school that is not your catchment school if your catchment school does not have any places. If you are not offered a place at the school you have applied to, then you can appeal.  You can seek further advice from the Student Advice Centre on the preparation of your school admissions appeal.  If you are unhappy about how your application has been dealt with, you can make a complaint.