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Rents in University housing

Rents in University housing are fixed at the beginning of the contract. Utility bills (including internet access) are included. Room insurance is also included (you can opt to pay for additional cover to protect belongings away from your room if you wish). Students in catered accommodation pay a mandatory catering charge which is included in their rent. Students in self-catered accommodation can opt for a GeniUS card which can be used across a wide variety of food and drink outlets.

Full details of current (2016/17) rents in University owned and partnership accommodation can be found on the University website.

Rents in University housing are set by the University. The rules on rent control which still apply in very limited circumstances in the private sector do not apply to University accommodation. Students who are concerned about rent levels in University accommodation should contact the Union Welfare Officer.

If you cannot pay your rent on time, Email the Income Office ( to let them know. They will normally try to be flexible and allow you more time to pay. If the problem looks as if will take some time to resolve, contact the Student Advice Centre for help.

If you do not pay your rent in full, the University could take legal action to evict you. This is very rare but it does happen sometimes. If you find yourself in this position, contact the Student Advice Centre for help.

Students who are eligible to claim housing benefit can claim in University housing.

Page updated 4 November 2016