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Problems with University housing

There are lots of good things about living in University owned and partnership accommodation. Properties are generally of a good standard and well maintained; there are opportunities to get involved in community based activities and events; and there are University-employed residential mentors on hand to provide help, advice and information.

Mentors can be especially useful if you are having problems with housemates or neighbours, or you are worried about another student. They also deal with some disciplinary matters. More information about residential mentors, including contact details, is available on the University website.

Disciplinary regulations

Students living in University owned and partnership accommodation can be disciplined, for example, for causing damage or disturbance. You will in most cases be asked to attend an initial disciplinee meeting with Residence Life and will receive a letter outlining the issues and charges against you. You should be given 3 days notice for the meeting and you can take a representative with you.  This could be a friend or family member.  It is not usually possible for adviser from the Advice Centre to attend these initial meetings with you,due to staffing resources. However in preparation for the meeting, you may find the information we have prepared here useful. If you are unahppy with the outcome of a disciplinary meeting and /or are being threatened with a Notice to Quit or if the case is being referred to a full University Discipline Committee for consideration, please make an appointment to see an Adviser. 


Students living in University owned and partnership properties can be compulsorily relocated to alternative accommodation. The circumstances in which this can happen are set out in the housing contract. There is no right of appeal against relocation but it is possible to object, for example, if the alternative accommodation offered is not suitable. If you are asked to relocate and you are concerned by this, contact the Student Advice Centre for help.

Notice to quit

If you are in serious or persistent breach of your contract the University can serve notice to quit. You have the right to stay until the notice expires but you can leave sooner if you wish. When the notice expires the University can go to court to obtain a court order to evict you. You cannot be evicted without a court order but, provided the notice against you has been correctly served, an eviction order will be granted and you could end up being made to pay costs. If you receive a notice to quit and you would like to discuss it with an adviser, contact the Student Advice Centre for help.

Page updated 28 November 2017