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Student Housing Ambassadors

Student Housing Ambassadors are Students’ Union (SU) student staff that work in the Student Advice Centre. We support projects in relation to the SU’s strategic work on housing:

  • Reaching out to students in the wider community to communicate key messages and campaigns about housing
  • Collecting student experiences, views and questions about housing to report back the SU
  • Providing general support to the Welfare Coordinator and Advisers based within the Student Advice Centre (SAC)

To improve the quality of the student housing experience for students at the University of Sheffield. More specifically, we want to ensure that the SU is aware of and providing support for current student housing issues.

We want to better understand and have a solid case for proposals we put forward to the SU in how they can better support your student experience regarding housing. Help us to help you by keeping an eye out for us when we come door knocking in student areas and filling out our survey when it’s released!

  • An issue is anything that negatively impacts your student housing experience
  • These come in all shapes and sizes, from ‘minor’ to ‘extreme’ cases
  • Anything from not getting on well with your housemates or a damp issue, through to having landlord disputes and problems with your deposit.
  • We want to ensure everything is tackled and supported by the SU, whether it be not knowing how to handle maintenance issues through to what to do if you’re having problems in meeting your rent this month.
  • Some key campaigns that the union has already run include trying to encourage pushing back the time at which students sign housing contracts to later in the year. This was to try and stop students signing with housemates they didn’t really know yet and getting into awkward situations by the end of the year.
  • We still want to work on things like this, but we also want to identify other campaigns that need to be started to support Sheffield students. But we can’t do this without information from you and knowing what the real student problems actually are!

We are students currently studying at the University of Sheffield.

If you see us around Sheffield in our t-shirts, please take the time to talk to us about your student housing experiences here in Sheffield. We want you to have the best student experience you can, and we believe student housing plays a massive role in that!

Door Knocking

  • Why? We want to get some conversation going about your experience as a student in the Sheffield housing market.
  • We’ll be walking around typical student housing areas in the coming weeks! We will be wearing Student Advice Centre t-shirts, so you can be sure we are the Student Housing Ambassadors.
  • We won’t take up more than 10 minutes of your time. We really want to try and see as many students as possible to get a broad view on what’s going on. We will be grateful for any time you (and/or your housemates!) can spare.


  • Why? We want to use this survey to:
    • Understand the current student housing experience
    • So that we can push for there to be more support that the students actually need!
  • We have worked hard to make sure the survey is as quick and easy to fill out as possible.
  • It has been designed so that we can collect all the information we need to improve your student housing experience in Sheffield.
  • The more people that fill out this survey, the more of a case we have to push forward to ensure the SU is supporting you with your real problems, and not just with what they think the problems are!
  • The survey will be released soon. We will send round an update when it is - please keep an eye out!

What we will do with the door knocking and survey results

We will use the information to:

  • Support the SU to understand the current student housing issues
  • Improve the quality of the student housing experience for University students

Don’t worry!

  • You don’t have to answer questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering.
  • Everything is completely private and confidential
  • Ask us any questions you might have for clarification, or who we are, what we are doing, etc. - we won’t be offended and want you to feel comfortable!
  • Anything and everything you can tell us to help us support you is a big help.