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Problems with Housemates

Unfortunately, it is very common for there to be disputes between housemates. A clash of lifestyles and differing expectations and standards around cleaning etc can cause disputes to arise.

Even seemingly petty differences can sometimes lead to breakdown of friendships and ultimately lead to someone wanting to move out. It can be useful having some pre-agreed and shared house rules that everyone can keep to e.g. wash up your own dishes on a daily basis. On the other hand having lots of rules can take the fun out of sharing so try not to have too high expectations.

If you are having problems, it is a good idea to try and talk to the housemate about it before it goes too far. They may not realise how their behaviour is making you feel and most people will try and compromise and find a solution. Sometimes asking a neutral third party to mediate can help.

If you find yourself wanting to move out of your home due to the behaviour of others, you may need advice about getting out of a contract.

In a minority of cases, disputes can become violent and individuals may feel themselves to be victims of harassment. If you feel that this is the case please contact the Student Advice Centre and/or the University’s Harassment Coordinator at the university.

If you feel threatened or have experienced violence please contact the police.

If you are worried about a housemates mental health and/or you are being affected by their behaviour, support and advice is available at the Student Advice Centre and from other University Services such as Counselling and Student Support Services.