Moving Out Tips

Take final meter readings for electricity, gas and (if applicable) water on the last day of the tenancy. Contact the Utility suppliers to finalise the bills. Remember to keep proof of payment as you may need this to get your deposit back. 

Clean the house thoroughly and don't leave it to the last minute. Follow any leaving procedures or instructions given by the landlord. Make sure that at least one member of the group attends the check-out inspection, if there is one and keeps a record. If this isn’t possible, the last person to leave should take photos or even a video of the house so you can prove that you left it in good condition.

Dispose of your rubbish responsibly and recycle as much as possible. The Students Union helps run recycling schemes, look out for information about this. In 2015 you can donate unwanted belongings to the British Heart Foundation. Anything that can’t be recycled and won’t fit into your black bin can be disposed of via the Red Sack scheme. Special BHF sacks and red sacks will be available to collect from the Student Advice Centre and propertywithUS from mid-May.

Return the keys. Many landlords give a time by which keys must be returned. If you return your keys late, you could be charged.

Arrange postal redirection (so you don’t lose important mail after you leave). You can find out about this at www.royalmail.com . It can also be a good idea to exchange forwarding addresses and contact numbers with your housemates. There may be things you need to sort out (such as getting everyone to pay their share of the final bills) or just to stay in touch. Don’t forget to tell the University and the police (for some international students) that you have moved.

Don’t forget about your deposit. It is likely that you have paid a deposit and this should have been protected by your landlord in a deposit protection scheme. Check that it is protected if you have not done so. If your landlord does not refund your deposit and you do not agree with the deductions made then you may wish to register a dispute. Be aware that some deposit protection schemes have a 90 day time limit on registering a dispute, so it’s important not to miss this. There is more information here on deposits or pick up a free Deposits Handbook from the Student Advice Centre.

Leave a Review of the landlord/property as this could help other students make good choices in the future. So let others know if your landlord/house is fantastic or if it's been a nightmare year! Studentview specialises in student housing and your reviews are anonymous!