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Faculty Progress Review

Unsatisfactory progress

If your Department is concerned about your academic performance, engagement or attitude towards your course, it may make a Progress Concerns Report to the University.  

University information about progress concerns can be found here

Your department will normally have tried to resolve the progress concerns with you informally before making a Progress Concerns Report. 

You can be reported for one or more of the following:

  • Poor attendance
  • Failing to submit course work
  • Submitting course work late or incomplete
  • Failing exams, assignments or placements
  • Lack of progress with research projects
  • Unprofessional behaviour

What happens if you are reported?

A Progress Concerns Report can lead to you being referred to Faculty Student Review Committee or FSRC.  The purpose of FSRC is to decide if you can continue with your course, or be excluded.

Student Services will send you a copy of the report, and tell you if you are being referred to FSRC.  

  • If you have not been referred to FSRC, you can continue with your course.  The report stays on your University  record.  It will be taken into account if there are subsequent concerns about your progress.  
  • If you have been referred to FSRC, you need to reply to the letter confirming whether you want to proceed to FSRC or withdraw from your course.  If you do not reply, Student Services will assume you have withdrawn from your course and your University registration will be cancelled.
  • You are entitled to attend the FSRC meeting.  It is a valuable opportunity to explain any problems you have had, and why you want to stay on your course.  You are entitled to take someone with you to help you present your case.

If you have been referred to Faculty Student Review Committee you are strongly advised to consult Student Advice Centre as soon as possible.  Our Academic Advisers can help you prepare for the FSRC and represent you at the meeting.