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The following is guidance and supporting information for academic reps. If you have any questions on this guidance or if you feel some information is missing contact the Students' Union at:

Want to take the next step and raise these issues in your department?

We would also love for you to contribute to this section - as our work on the curriculum is constantly evolving, and your input is the most important part of it!

If you've spotted a great video or resource on Education for Sustainable Development / Liberating or Decolonising the Curriculum, please let us know about it and we could add it here!

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Decolonise the Curriculum

Why is diversity in the curriculum so important?

What can Academics do to decolonise their classrooms?

Decolonising the Curriculum by Melz Owusu

How do you decolonise science?


Links between global justice, racism and sustainability

Climate change, Racism and Climate Justice - Views from NUS

Race, Climate Change and how it connects to you - TedX Talk by Dr Atyia Martin

Climate Justice Protesting in Action - Talk by Asad Rehman


Sustainability within the curriculum

Why is Education for Sustainable Development important?

Other Approaches to Sustainable Development

What sustainability within the curriculum looks like in action

What can I do about Education for Sustainable Development, as an Academic Rep?

Do we only have 12 years to save the planet?


Curriculum Change Barometer

You may not be entirely sure how well your department is doing in certain areas around curriculum change. This barometer is to help you and other Academic Reps reflect on how the department operates and what it could improve on!

Download the Barometer


Book a Training Session

You can search below to the find the masterclass sessions you'd like to sign up for! Please only sign up for sessions you are relatively sure you can attend. A reminder will be sent to you a couple of days before the session. All the sessions are in person and will be based at various locations across the University. Sessions vary in length from 30 minutes to 1 hour 30. We may put on additional sessions according to demand, so check back regularly.