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Your SU Officer Election Results 2018

Thank you to the 8065 of you who voted in this years SU Officer Elections.

The successful candidates who will be leading our SU next year are:

President - Lilian Jones

International Students' Officer - Roxanne (REX) Bechu

Education Officer - Anna Crump Raiswell*
*See below for full statement

Women's Officer - Mayeda Tayyab

Activities Officer - Cecilia Hudson Molinaro

Welfare Officer - Katharine Swindells

SU Development Officer - Mel Kee

Sports Officer - Sarah Morse


Your SU Officers 2018/19


Cecilia Hudson Molinaro

Voting breakdown:

Mel Kee

Voting breakdown:

Anna Crump Raiswell has been elected as Education Officer 2018/19

This announcement was delayed because of a breach in election regulations. The votes received by the candidate Amber Xinwen Zhang could not be counted due to this breach.

Amber is appealing the decision, but the returning officers are satisfied that if the appeal is successful, it will not change the result of the election.

The returning officers are satisfied that the election for Education Officer has been fairly and properly conducted.

Anna Crump Raiswell

Voting breakdown:

Roxanne (REX) Bechu

Voting breakdown:

Lilian Jones

Voting breakdown:

Sarah Morse

Voting breakdown:

Katharine Swindells

Voting breakdown:

Mayeda Tayyab

Voting breakdown:

Should Sheffield SU remain affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS)?

Result: YES

Catherine (Cate) O'Brien and Francesca (Frankie) Boyd

Forms for Candidates

Election Expenses and Complaints form

Please find below the election expenses form which every candidate must fill out and return to or returned to Adam Hanrahan in the SGS Office.