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The vision: A curriculum which equips students with the knowledge, skills, values and attributes needed to work and live in a way that will bring about solutions to the urgent environmental and economic sustainability challenges, and continuing social injustices, that we face.

Traditionally university courses have disproportionately focused on topics that provide a eurocentric perspective on the world. Liberating/decolonising the curriculum is about bringing a broader range of topics and perspectives into the curriculum, ensuring that there is a diverse range of staff and marginalised and disadvantaged groups are represented, leading to a truly global education.

How teaching is delivered, and the critical thinking skills which embed within our graduates is key to sustainable success, both for our students and society. Learning should be seen as a process, explored jointly by students and staff, rather than a set of prescribed solutions. Students should be encouraged to realise their potential, whatever that may be - exploring skills and ideas that are applicable to the real-world, setting them up for the wide range of opportunities that our changing, global world is providing.

Our planet is rapidly reaching its environmental limits and the socioeconomic system in which we function is only exacerbating this. Graduating students should leave university with an understanding of sustainability in its holistic definition, working towards a goal of global environmental, economic and social well being, now and in future.

Mayeda Tayyab

Women's Officer


Anna Crump Raiswell

Education Officer


Mel Kee

Development Officer



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