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Recruiting now - be an Academic Rep for 2019/20!

It's great that you are interested in becoming an Academic Rep! If you want to learn more and confirm your involvement in the role for the next academic year (September 2019) sign up now!

Please be aware that an Academic Rep is a public representative role, as such your name and e-mail would be shared with your department, so they can contact you and promote your role to other students.


About Us

This is the Students' Union hub for Academic Representation at the University of Sheffield. If you'd like to know how to become or contact your academic rep, need support and advice as a current academic rep or are a staff member responsible for supporting student reps, simply follow the links on the site.


You can use the ‘find your rep’ search engine to find out who represents you within your department and year group! Please note that this search engine for current academic reps for the 2019/20 academic year only.