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Mature Student Committee (MSC)

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The University of Sheffield currently has over 3000 mature students. Among this group you will find students over the age of 21 in all years of undergraduate degrees, masters degrees, and doctoral studies.

Some students find a pathway back into education via the Department for Lifelong Learning and carry onto undergraduate degrees. We recognise that mature students have a variety of unique circumstances that may differ from their younger colleagues. These circumstances range from unique financial situations and mortgages, transitioning from full time employment back into education, caring responsibilities for children, and caring responsibilities for spouses and partners.

We aim to represent the presence of such students and plan events to bring together a thriving mature student population.

Laid out in our constitution you will find our precise structure, code of conduct, and ethos. The Mature Students committee cares about your best interests and we invite you to submit any welfare queries or to contact any of our Committee members as well as view our meeting minutes to keep up to date with our work.

We invite you to vist our Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account or email us at