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Disabled and Dyslexic Students' Committee

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Who we are and what we do

We are the Disabled and Dyslexic Students' Committee (DSC), a representative committee of the Student Union, aiming to support people with dyslexia, physical disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health problems. You might know us as the Dyslexic and Disabled Students Forum (DSF) - this is what we used to be called. We also discuss and act on issues that disabled students face at this university, with the aim to improve accessibility, awareness and provide social activities for people in the Disabled Students community.

We're looking for new committee members - visit our website to find out more!

You can participate!

To take part, you must self-define as being a disabled student. Anyone is welcome to come to our meetings, these are not just for the Committee. You will be given a voice and a vote to talk about important issues and campaigns happing on campus.

If you're interested or want more information, email us (, visit our website, or have a look at our facebook page!