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The home of debate and discussion at the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Debating is here to give all students a voice. Whether it’s learning how to express your views confidently, a desire to develop sophisticated arguments or simply wanting to learn some interesting facts about the world, we are here to help!

We’d greatly encourage anybody interested in debating to come along to our Tuesday training sessions. Regardless of the point in the academic year, if you’re alone, or if it’s your first time, we aim to provide a welcoming, positive, and safe atmosphere for all students. Our training officers design our sessions to be accessible and inclusive regardless of your skill level, and all events and training sessions are completely free of charge.

On top of teaching the basics of public speaking and debate, we also host public debates on Monday nights where the best and brightest are invited to speak on topical contentious issues and compete in competitions all over the world!


PUBLIC DEBATES / Every Alternate Monday / 7:30pm / Facebook 

On Mondays we hold public debates with members from our own committee, guest speakers and other societies to give you a taste of what debating is like. You will be able to follow these debates and engage with the discussion on our Facebook page. We look forward to 'seeing' you there! 

BASIC TRAINING  / Tuesdays / 6:00pm

In basic training our training officers will teach you the skills you need to be able to debate yourself. This is the perfect experience for anyone who wants to get better at giving presentations in seminars, improve their argumentation skills, learn new things and become more confident. These sessions will take place on blackboard collaborate and are open to all!

COMPETITIVE TRAINING / Thursdays / 6:00pm

For debaters who know the basics, this session will combine group discussions, complex motions and critical feedback to help you improve your style, strategy and substance.  These sessions will take place on blackboard collaborate. Get in touch with our training officers or speak to them at basic training to find out more!


Almost every weekend our speakers and judges compete in competitions. With competitions taking place online we can even compete globally now, meeting debaters from everywhere around the world. Speak to our training officers or competitions officer to find out more! Don't be shy if you've never competed before, there are many competitions open to new debaters! 


Facebook: @SheffieldDebatingSociety

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