Society Safety

Safety is your number one priority! The Students' Union has public liability insurance cover for all societies and committees for your usual activities.

In order to run a society or committee you have a duty of care in law to ensure the safety of your members and any other people who may be affected by your activities and events.

Therefore (as agreed in your 19/20 online Committee Details Form) you must:

1. Comply with the Students’ Union’s Rules and Safety Handbook;

2. Comply with the Alcohol & Societies Code of Practice and any other guides on the Society Support Hub relating to societies/committees;

3. Attend training sessions which relate to your committee role (staff are aware that academic timetabling may restrict ability to attend);

4. Take reasonably practicable steps to minimise or avoid the risk of any reasonably foreseeable hazardous events;

5. Seek advice and guidance from the Activities & Sports Zone when necessary: society.coordinator@sheffield.ac.uk;

6. Report all safety concerns (including accidents and near misses) to the Activities & Sports Zone: society.coordinator@sheffield.ac.uk.


Guides & Forms

If you're organising bar crawl or a trip (UK or abroad) then you must complete our online forms and adhere to a risk assessment. If you're organising an event which carries an enhanced risk then you must complete the risk assessment included in the Event Planning Pack - you can find all of these documents under the 'Events & Publicity' section on the Society Support Hub

Here are a few other helpful guides and documents to help you keep your society or committee safe and sound:

Any questions? Contact Tim, society.coordinator@sheffield.ac.uk | 0114 222 8689