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Voices of the Climate Crisis (VoCC) is a photo project bringing to life the fact that climate change is not some distant threat for the future. Climate injustice is having devastating effects on people’s lives right now. VoCC uses stories of people facing the realities of the climate crisis and offers their solutions. We explore the intersections of gender, race and climate, recognising that women and people of colour in the Global South will face the impacts of climate change disproportionately.

Standing in Solidarity

The Dakota Access Pipeline is an example of environmental racism that Sheffield Students’ Union has democratically voted to oppose. If you’d like to take action in solidarity with the water defenders at Standing Rock, here’s what they’d recommend.

1. Move your money: If you have your money in a bank financing the pipeline, such as Barclays, move it to one that doesn’t and let them know why.

2. Donate: The camps need financial support for their Camp Fund and Legal Fund and specific supplies. Find details here.

3. Organise a solidarity action with friends against those financing the pipeline like Barclays.


If you’re moved by these stories, there are things you can do to help. As a Students’ Union, we stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Resistance. In November 2016, Sheffield Student’s Union Council passed a motion to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock resistance to the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

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NoDAPL news

You can keep up-to-date with news about the Dakota Access Pipeline here.

Whose stories?

We’ve spoken to members of our University of Sheffield community including staff and students, Home and International students, keen environmentalists and those who haven’t given it much thought. We asked everybody three questions:

1) How does climate change make you feel?

2) How is it affecting a place or community you have an affinity to?

3) How you would solve the climate crisis?