Staff Support

Talk to us: At the Zone Information Desk (Level 3 in the Students' Union), open weekdays 10am - 5.30pm during term-time.

Email us: activities@sheffield.ac.uk

Phone us: 0114 222 8620

Staff Contact:

Tim - Student Groups Co-ordinator

Hi, I'm Tim and I'm here to help societies with events, balls, trips and activities. You can get in touch with me directly if you'd like to chat to me about any society events or issues or might be referred to me by the Zone Desk team if you’ve got a longer query.

Email: t.bowell@sheffield.ac.uk


Fi - Student Groups Administrator

We have around 350 societies at the SU and my job is to provide administrative support for them all! No question too big or too small!

Email: f.bateson@sheffield.ac.uk


Connor - Events Coordinator

Hey, I'm Connor.  If you are interested in running an event with your Society / Committee I'm here to provide support with any event ideas you may have and to help make them a reality :)

Email: connor.young@sheffield.ac.uk


Bel - Events Coordinator

Hey, I'm Bel and I organise lots of fun activities throughout the academic year as well as supporting Student Groups in running their own Give it a Go events.

Email: belinda.hall@sheffield.ac.uk


Claire - Campaigns Coordinator

I'm here to help you change the world! If you're working on a campaign, however big or small, then I'm available to help provide advice and training, ranging from how to lobby effectively to how to talk to the media. Get in touch to see how I can best support you or your group.

Email: c.arthur@sheffield.ac.uk


Sarah - Democracy Coordinator

I support any students interested in getting involved with SU Democracy and Elections! Chat to me for more information on SU Council, NUS Delegates, Elected Student Trustees and SU Officers.

Email: sarah.pugh@sheffield.ac.uk


Michael - HEAR Development Coordinator

Michael here, contact me if you have any questions about your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).

Email: m.chilton@sheffield.ac.uk 

Sophie - Equality and Liberation Coordinator

Hi, I'm Sophie - the Equality and Liberation Coordinator. In my role I support groups with an interest in creating a fair and equitable union, university, and wider society; this includes our 7 Representative Committees (Black and Ethnic Minority Students, Disabled Students, International Students, Lesbian Gay Bi Trans + Students, Mature Students, Postgraduate Students, Women Students Committees).

Email: sophie.clark@sheffield.ac.uk

Becky - Media & Performance Coordinator

Hi, I’m Becky. As Media & Performance Coordinator, I support groups involved in broadcast, journalism, performance and production, such as Forge Media, SUTCo and Film Unit. I advise on media law, licences, copyright and best practice in the media and performance production fields.

Email: r.sliwawebb@sheffield.ac.uk

Scott - Academic Life Coordinator

Hey, I’m Scott! I’m the Academic Life and Education Coordinator. My main role is to support and work with our 1,000 academic reps across the University. I also keep the Students’ Union and our Education Committee up to date with changes within Higher Education and advice on campaigns or policy work in this field.

Email: scott.dawson@sheffield.ac.uk

Jenny - Welfare Coordinator

I’m Jenny and I support student groups who work on all issues related to welfare - from Nightline and Welfare Committee, to Mental Health Matters Society and the Wellbeing Cafe.

Email: j.smith3@sheffield.ac.uk

Tim - Sustainability Coordinator

Hi, I’m Tim. My coordinator role supports Sustainability Committee and the societies whose work improves the environmental sustainability on campus and beyond. I advise on a range of activity from beekeeping to campaigning to engineering to sandwich-saving - something for everyone!

Email: t.r.allen@sheffield.ac.uk

Societies Committee are the student team in charge of allocating society grants, approving new societies and organising a whole host of massive society events. Contact them and you will be put in touch with the relevant liaison officer.

Email: societiescommittee@sheffield.ac.uk

My name is Ollie and I am an Entertainments Project Manager in the Entertainments Department. Our department organise the club nights & events within Bar One & Interval and I work directly with the Events Management Committee who help deliver these events. Come and see us if you want to throw a social with your Society!

Email: Ollie.Bradley@sheffield.ac.uk

Lucy - Fundraising Coordinator

Hi there! I work with Sheffield RAG to help student groups looking to fundraise for causes they care about. Get in touch with Sheffield RAG and we can help make your ideas a reality and maximise the money you raise!

Email: adoptacharity@sheffieldrag.com

Website: www.sheffieldrag.com


Sheffield Volunteering have lots of volunteering opportunities for you to engage with the Sheffield community, there is something for everyone. Share your time, discover your city, develop your skills and make fantastic new friends!

Come and speak to us and we'll help you find your perfect volunteering activity!

Email: volunteering@sheffield.ac.uk

Website: www.sheffieldvolunteering.com