Proper Pasty


Each and every Cornish Pasty which we bake has been lovingly created for you by hand. The hand layering process of the diced ingredients is true to the roots of the Cornish Pasty, this is something which we are very proud of! Machine made pasties are just not the same and unfortunately there are even some who have little or no knowledge of what a real Cornish Pasty looks like... rest assured a Proper Pasty is hand crimped and hand filled.

Baking the very best Cornish Pasty is a time honoured process and requires a great deal of care and attention, our aim is to deliver a fresh bake with a golden glow each and every time. This takes a great deal of practice and our team of expert bakers have been trained to provide that hall mark finish in every bake.


Students' Union, Opposite Santander, Level 3

Opening times

Monday - Friday: 10am to 3pm

Saturday, Sunday: Closed

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