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Top Tips for Settling In

Tuesday 10-09-2019 - 12:03

So your uni journey is about to begin. This can be an exciting but daunting time, especially if this is your first time living away from home. Here's a quick guide on how to be best prepared for this experience and some top tips for settling in. 

Tips for settling in

  • Knock on your neighbour’s door and introduce yourself. You’re both in the same situation so there’s no need to be nervous. 
  • Go into the kitchen as you’re bound to bump into your new flatmates. You might’ve found them on a Facebook group before arriving, or perhaps you’re meeting them for the first time today. Either way, start a conversation or tell them a bit about yourself. 
  • Try to meet the people in the neighbouring flats in your block. You’ll be neighbours for the entire year so it pays to be good friends. 
  • Check out where the nearest shops and pubs are. You’ll be visiting them a lot. 
  • Nightlife in Intro Week can feel overwhelming. If you’re not much of a party animal, there’s plenty of events going on during the week such as the SU Give it a Go events. There's also Activities Fair to help you find out more about joining a society... and trust me, there’s a society for everything!
  • If you’re interested in joining a sports team, many of the teams are around to meet during Intro Week. Take a look at their Facebook pages for this information – you don’t want to miss out on being part of a uni team if sport is your thing! 

Important things to bring

  • Door stop – great way to meet your flat whilst unpacking 
  • Speaker – perfect for parties or podcasts 
  • A pack of cards - another great way to get to know your new housemates
  • Home comforts – e.g. slippers and pillows
  • Things to personalise your room – e.g. posters, fairy lights and photos 

Things I wished I brought

  • A lamp - the lighting in my halls was very bright and harsh. I recommend bringing your own lamps to make your room more homely and cosy. 
  • A shower curtain - it’ll make your shower feel more clean and fresh. 
  • Slippers or flipflops - the kitchen and hall floors can get a bit grubby. 

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