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Tuesday 13-08-2019 - 14:24

What makes Sheffield Students’ Union unique is that it’s powered by us. Students have a say in what it does and how it runs, from guiding the shop on what products to sell, to electing the students to lead it, the power is in our hands.

All University of Sheffield students are automatically members of the Students’ Union, which has been recognised as the best in the country for the past 11 years! This membership gives us access to some great facilities, free advice and support, student representation, and a host of social events and activities. It also gives us the power to shape all of these.

Take societies for instance. The SU offers over 350! From Acapella to Baking, the options are endless. However, if you can think of a society that doesn’t already exist, you only need 2 other students to set one up.

If you have big ideas that you're passionate about, the SU could help make them happen. Over the years, Sheffield SU has supported lots of progressive student ideas, well before they have been talked about in the mainstream. These include replacing bottled water sales with free water fountains across the SU, removing the tax on sanitary products in Our Shop, and creating accessible gender neutral toilets. Last year the SU opened a new Zero Waste outlet, created to support student demand for living less environmentally impactful lifestyles. You can propose a new idea and get student support for making it happen here.

The SU has hundreds of other students who represent different student interests. For those who want to support specific groups like disabled students, or Black and Minority Ethnic students there are ‘Representative Committees’. For those who want to shape their course or department there are ‘Academic Reps’. For those who want to drive SU policy and changes there is ‘SU Council.’ 

The most visible representatives are the 8 SU Student Officers who we elect each year to lead the Students’ Union. These officers will campaign, create events, and lobby the University on our behalf, to ensure we have the best student experience possible. Look out for them during Intro Week.

Students are also the largest part of the SU workforce. The Students’ Union offers a great range of flexible jobs from ambassadors to outlet workers, and all pay the living wage. All staff receive training and support and the hours are flexible allowing you to fit it around your studies. 

Finally, every penny you spend in a SU owned outlet gets put back into providing facilities, activities, and support for students. So whether you join a society, vote in elections, or just buy your lunch here, you are powering something bigger - our SU.

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