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My Intro Week: Ruby

Tuesday 10-09-2019 - 11:49

Intro Week for me was a whirlwind experience of meeting new people, exploring Sheffield and trying not to get lost! 

My most memorable day was the day I moved into Ranmoor, this was mainly a day filled with nerves and excitement. Thanks to the traffic on the A1, I was the last in my flat to arrive and I was greeted with a warm welcome as they had waited for me in anticipation. My flatmates were all really friendly and I was so pleased with my room. After a few drinking games and a very lively debate about the North South divide we knocked on our neighbouring flats to say hello. This was a great way to meet lots of people, some of which may be on the same course as you!

The rest of the week was jam-packed with exciting activities and nights out. The Fresher’s Fair was a great excuse to claim free Dominos Pizza and ASOS vouchers. I went round three times hoping I wouldn’t be recognised! There were also lots of events hosted by the SU from ‘Give it a Go archery’ to the Full Moon Party.

Aside from getting to know my new flatmates, I reached out to people on my course through a Facebook page and a group of us arranged a night out. This was a great idea as we got to meet each other and enjoy ourselves before lectures started.

Sunday evening marked the end of Intro Week, but the start of an amazing first year at Sheffield. We celebrated this by having a flat night where we all chipped in and made a huge roast dinner. This became a tradition in our flat and we continued to have flat dinners to mark all of our favourite occasions. 

I hope like me, you will settle in and embrace all that the University of Sheffield and the SU has to offer. 

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