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My Intro Week: Charlotte

Tuesday 10-09-2019 - 11:44

This September I’m going into my 4th Intro Week and I’m still as excited as ever for it to come around. Nothing beats the atmosphere or freebies you get at this time of year. However, it must be said nothing could top the Intro Week I had in my first year. So, here’s an article to let you know everything that is going around campus no matter whether you’re in 1st or final year.
In my first year, I found Intro Week really useful. It’s the ideal opportunity to get used to the uni campus and work out where all of your lectures and seminars will be for the next year. The SU has some helpful student ambassadors who massively help getting you to places. I asked these ambassadors so many questions from how to get to an event in the SU to where a random uni building was.
The lack of timetabled lectures in intro week gives you the chance to get to know your flat/block. It may be scary at first but some of my best friends now are people who I met in my first-year Intro Week.
An ideal way to get to know people in any year of uni is to go to some of the Give it a Go (GIAG) events that run in Intro Week and for the rest of the year. If you live in university accommodation you can get money off these too (something I didn’t realise until 2nd year). These events are the perfect way to try out things you’ve never done before like Macramé or pole dancing and also allow you to meet new people. I particularly enjoyed these events as it let me try loads of new things and was a nice and relaxing break from the sometimes-hectic nature of intro week.
Finally, the SU has a range of things to do in the evening; you could go to the Film Unit and see recent film releases for only £3 or head down to the SU’s nightclub Foundry and dance the night away!
Enjoy your Intro Week and the rest of the year in Sheffield. I’m sure you’ll love it.  

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