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Give it a Go - Buy Tickets Now!

Thursday 15-08-2019 - 00:00

Tickets for our Intro and Autumn Give it a Go programmes are now available for purchase from the SU Box Office or online. Packed full of your favourite activities and trips, alongside some newbies!

Our top 10 events to try this semester:

1. The Cookery School. For £3 learn a new dish to cook each week with our profession cooks. 

2. Interactive Culinary Sessions. Those who want to master the culinary arts, for £5.50 try these sessions.

3. Ghost Tour, Historical Crime and Murder Tour, or an Architecture Tour. Get to know Sheffield for £2

4. Learn a new language! We have Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, German,  Japanese and Sign Language. All £10.50

5. Self Defence 5 Week Course. Our tutor Rick has been teaching this course for 4 years now. Only £13

6. Harry Potter Studios Tour in London. This Autumn their theme is 'The Dark Arts.' One of our most popular trips! 

7. Emergency First Aid in the Workplace. Get a certified certificate with us in this day course. £28

8. One of our Free 'Give it a Little Go' sessions. No need to break the bank, while learning something new. 

9. The wonderful sessions we run in our Mind, Body and Soul section For those of you wanting to try something completely new, this is for you!

10. Come with us every Saturday and Sunday to a different destination in the UK on one of our Day Trips! Great value for money. Including our New and Exclusive trip to London with The Lion King Musical

* please note all online event purchases are subject to a 10% booking fee, so the prices shown may be higher online.

As with all Give it a Go sessions you MUST buy your tickets in advance before coming to any of our sessions, as they are capped for health and safety reasons. You can buy tickets in advance online or in person from the SU Box Office.

For Residence Life members, you get exclusive discounts with Give it a Go. £2 off all activities priced £.250 and above and £5 off all of our Day Trips! Just ask for the Residences ticket at the Box Office or select the 'ResLife' ticket when purchasing online.

Give it a Go is easy!

Just choose your activity, buy your ticket in advance, and show up at the time and date stated on your ticket. Best of all, our sessions are suitable for total beginners so it doesn't matter if you haven't tried the activity before.

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