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Get involved with Give it a Go

Thursday 15-08-2019 - 00:00

At Sheffield University we have some great opportunities for you to get involved with Societies, Clubs and Events. One great way to try new things, or get involved with an activity you already do, is to try a Give it a Go!

Give it a Go is an activities programme of events run by Sheffield Students’ Union. They’ve been putting on events for students for over 17 years and have hundreds of events for you to try each year! Thousands of students get involved with Give it a Go, and so should you!

And if you live in University-managed accommodation, the best part of being part of Residence Life is getting exclusive discounts off ticket prices in Give it a Go. For all activities that are priced over £2.50, you get £2 off. And for the huge amount of Day Trips Give it a Go runs each year you get £5 off the ticket price!

So what can you try with Give it a Go? The programmes are split into sections: Sport, Music and Dance, Creative, Other Fun Stuff, Mind & Body, Skills & Training, Languages and Day Trips. Within those sections are activities and events run by societies and clubs, professionals and Give it a Go.

It is easy to get involved with Give it a Go: 

1. Choose an activity

2. Buy a ticket in advance

3. Turn up on the time and date on the ticket

4. Give it a Go, and have fun!

Want to find out more? Visit:

Here you will find our current events, links to our past printed programmes, and information about Team Give it a Go.

If you are joining us in September, make sure to look out for your Give it a Go events in the Residences Event Booklet and pick up a copy of our Intro and Autumn Give it a Go programmes in the Students' Union.

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