LGBT students

Sheffield Students’ Union is a LGBT-friendly organisation and believes that no student should be made to feel uncomfortable because of their sexuality or gender.

Students' Union's LGBT Policy

  • In this Students' Union, the term LGBT includes students of all minority sexual and gender identities
  • That university life, and society at large, should be free from prejudice and discrimination towards all people of minority gender and sexual identities, and that no student should be made to feel uncomfortable because they are LGBT.
  • That this Students' Union is LGBT friendly, has some of the best provision for LGBT students, and that this is a point of pride for the university and its students.

The Student's Union resolves:

  • To ensure that all activities, facilities, services, organisations, and events operated through the Student's Union are LGBT friendly, and are open to all LGBT students.
  • To provide support and resources for LGBT students, such as through giving them access to gender-neutral toilets, and an LGBT lounge which will be a safe space and a place from which to run campaigns.
  • To give LGBT students fair representation within the Students' Union, and to allow their voices to be heard.
  • To publicise the fact that this is a university that welcomes, and provides excellent support for, LGBT students.

LGBT Students in the Students' Union

The LGBT Committee is a student-run group which runs socials, campaigns for your rights and offers confidential welfare support. It’s the main hub of LGBT activity in the Union and any student can get involved by emailing lgbt@sheffield.ac.uk.

For more information on the LGBT Committee, see the LGBT Committee Page.

The full-time Welfare Officer is responsible for championing LGBT issues and campaigns throughout the Union. Contact the Welfare Officer if you want to discuss any LGBT matters.

The LGBT Lounge provides a designated safe-space within the Union building for LGBT students to hang out, chat to each other or just relax. Books, DVDs and free condoms are available, plus information on local LGBT groups and services.

Sheffield Students’ Union also runs Yorkshire’s #1 LGBT club night, Climax, which runs once a month on Friday night and regularly attracts clubbers, both student and non-student, from around the county and beyond!